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Collect, Preserve, Study & Exhibit Historic Items in Sumner County

The mission of the Sumner County Museum is to collect, preserve, study, and exhibit those objects and artifacts relating to Sumner County, and to provide educational programs and exhibits for students and citizens residing in, or visiting Sumner County. Understanding our heritage is basic to our way of life, providing a better appreciation of our state and country. The Museum disseminates knowledge and stimulates interest through materials, publications, information services and otherwise, by holding meetings, and by arranging special programs for the furtherance of the purpose of the Museum.

The Museum is housed in a building with three floors, approximately 9,500 square feet total floor space. There are many artifacts from the prehistoric age to the present day computer age, and many items from the early pioneer days of the county, the War Between the States, the world wars, and more modern items from all around the county.

The Sumner County Museum website is funded by the Sumner County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.